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Window Cleaning can be very lucrative because you can make good money in a  short period of time!  There are different types of window cleaning and you can best decide which one would be good for you.

In many metropolitan areas high rise window cleaning is very popular.

There are a number of Window Cleaning Companies in Pittsburgh that do only high rise buildings.

In order to do that your cost over head is very high and also insurance is expensive.

Squeegees were in use for cleaning windows by 1918 when an American book on navy jargon explained that a deck-cleaning tool called a squeegee was “used in civil life to clean windows”. This is the earliest written reference to a window cleaning squeegee given by the Oxford English Dictionary.

Professional window washers began using the Chicago squeegee, a bulky tool with two heavy pink rubber blades. Changing the blades required the loosening of twelve separate screws.

The best-known of these tools is probably the hand-held window squeegee, used to remove the cleaning fluid or water from a glass surface.  A soapy solution acts as a lubricant and breaks up the dirt, then the squeegee is used to draw the water-borne dirt off the glass leaving a clean surface.  Some squeegees are backed with a sponge which can soak up soapy water from a bucket for application to a dirty window

The modern single-blade window cleaning squeegee was patented by Ettore Steccone in 1936; who dubbed it the “New Deal”.  It was made of lightweight brass with a very flexible and sharp rubber blade.  Steccone began a manufacturing process and sold the product in his garage.

The Ettore Products Co. is still the leader in the squeegee market today. Squeegee kits can include a telescoping pole to extend the washer’s reach.
Simple squeegees are made in various shapes for household use also, including the cleaning of shower doors, bathroom tile, and garage floors.

As a matter of fact Ettore Products can be purchased from Amazon.

The “swivel method”, or “fan method” as it is referred to by professionals, (I called it the figure eight method) and used that for many years cleaning large windows. This requires that you use a series of strokes combined with turns that hold the water away from the leading edge of the squeegee; when the turn is completed in the opposing direction, there is no water and no dirt left isolated.

This method requires a lot of practice until you get it right.  It will save you a lot of time on large windows when it is done properly.  However straight strokes, either horizontally or vertically are normally much more efficient than “fanning” when you want to keep it simple.  If a few spots are missed, a chamois leather cloth works better for touch up than a towel of cloth or paper.

This is caused by the squeegee being angled incorrectly forcing the water under the rubber blade out into the dry area of the glass or from solution being pushed up into the top edge of the window.  The squeegee should instead be tilted in the direction that the blade is moving across the glass to force the water into the wet area of the glass.

Another method used by window cleaners is to tap the blade on an already wet area of the glass to remove any excess water on the rubber blade.  Alternatively the rubber blade can be dried with a towel, although this method is slower and not practical when using extension poles.

According to Guinness World Records

At one time, the world’s fastest window cleaner was Terry Burrows of South Ockendon, Essex, England, who cleaned three standard 45-inch × 45-inch office windows set in a frame in 9.24 seconds at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham in March 2005.  He used an 11.8-inch squeegee and 2.4 gallons of water.  I wonder who is the fastest now?

House Window Cleaning

Many window cleaning companies make a tremendous income cleaning houses.  I have a few friends that do window cleaning in homes in Resort Areas.  They have been doing window cleaning for years and have been very successful.

One of the most economical places to get window cleaning supplies is from Amazon.  They have everything that you will need.

My friends live in an area that have very bad winters, so the Resort area is good from around April through November every year.  During that time of the year their window cleaning business goes crazy.

Since it is classified as seasonal,  people want them to clean their windows before they come in the spring and after they leave before winter comes.  Whenever you do good work, then you have a great cliental that wants you to do their window cleaning every year.

They are trusted by their clients to the point that they have keys to their houses and do the work before and after they leave.  When I am talking about houses they are huge.  What they find out is you have to do the work where the money is.

These Window Cleaning Companies have a number of workers that are trained properly.   They also, have liability insurance in the event there are accidents and their business is bonded.  So needless to say,  their companies are very professional and are not just fly by night so to speak.

I said earlier that my friends live in a Resort Area, so they take advance of the good weather and many times are so busy that their crews work five and six days a week.  In the off season some may do some part-time work to supplement their window cleaning.

My one son and his wife do window cleaning for them and have done that for years. They also, have a few office cleaning accounts that they do. So, I guess cleaning is in their blood because of doing work for me over the years.

I know many office and window cleaning professionals that also do Snow Removal in the winter.  That way they have work all year around.

If you live in a Resort Area Window Cleaning can be a very good occupation for you.  Start small, do good work and who knows where it will lead you!

Please, if you have any questions or comments or any experiences with window cleaning leave them below.


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