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I Fired My Mother!

I fired my mother but before you get upset with me let me explain.

As I mention in my profile that I had my own office cleaning business for 42 years. Being in this type of business you get contracts and then you also lose contracts and many times no fault of your own.

I had a cleaning contract with a small utility company when we lived in Kentucky during the 1970″s. We cleaned that account just 2 days a week. It took just one person about 2 hours to clean the office.

I thought this would be an ideal cleaning job for my mother who was living with us. It was easy and all on one floor and only about 5 minutes from our house. We had that little cleaning account for about 3 years and then they were taken over by a large utility company in another part of the state.

So here it was, I had to fire my mother but only temporarily because then I got another small cleaning account for her in town. It was a small doctors office.
So, see I wasn’t a very bad son after all! My mother always liked and loved me best.

Thank you,


When I would hire people to do cleaning, I would tell them that I was a very easy going boss. But I fired my mother so if you don’t do good work then I can fire you also.






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